Jared J. Drucker, Esq.

Clear Direction


You're in great hands

I work hard to give my clients the attention, the advocacy, and the results they deserve.  I am a small practice which allows me to focus on my clients and individualize my representation to their specific needs - unlike some firms where "clients" are just a file on a shelf and a case number in a data base.  

Going through a legal dispute can be very confusing and stressful for clients, which is why I strongly believe communication and responsiveness is vital to the attorney/client relationship.  Believe it or not, studies have shown that most clients are dissatisfied with their attorneys due to lack of communication and responsiveness to their individual needs.  When I represent you, we're a team; we've formed a relationship.  It is my goal to make sure you are satisfied with your service, and you get the resuolution you deserve.  

You can always expect me to be clear and transparent with my advice to you.  Some attorneys will tell their clients what the think they want to hear in order to keep them happy.  That almost always has disastrous consequences.  Clients often find themselves disappointed, misunderstood, confused, and again, dissatisfied.  I can promise you that I will always answer your questions, concerns, or troubles as thoroughly as I can and keep you fully informed on all relevant details of your case. 

I am here for you.  If you want individualized attention, responsive, clear, thorough communication, and an attorney dedicated to getting you the best result you can, let's get in touch!